5G network to be unveiled by Three and launched Aug 2019

Three are launching 5G broadband for homes in London in the beginning of August this year. They will add mobile 5G and 2 more locations before the end of the year. 

Three are aiming high and have said that they are aiming to offer “at least double” the speeds of its rivals. It will require a 100MHz of 5G spectrum as set out by the global tech body, the ITU. To put that in to perspective, Three’s rivals, Vodafone and EE, use 50MHZ and 40MHz respectively. They have invested in smart antennas which will be able to deliver “the fastest 5G network in the UK”. 

Three are not giving anything away however and are yet to reveal examples of the download speeds or connection types provided by the network.   

Dave Dyson, the chief executive at Three said “5G is a game changer for Three., and of course I am excited that we will be the only operator in the UK who can offer true 5G.” 

The capital is due to have this in the next 2 months and 24 more cities including Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.  

This is a massive step forward for the network and is a massive step in the right direction for broadband and phone companies as a whole 

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