Apple to purchase Intel’s research on 5G modem chips

Apple to purchase Intel’s research on 5G modem chips

Apple and Intel are set to agree a deal for the transfer of all Intel’s research on smart phone 5G modems for a total of $1 billion. The deal is still going through regulatory approvals but is due to be completed before the end of 2019. Intel are starting to focus their research more on non-smartphone modems. These include modems for PCs, autonomous vehicles and IoT devices. They announced that they were no longer going to conduct further research into 5G modems for smart phones and immediately, talk began of a sale to Apple.  

As Apple were wanting to develop 5G modems for their I-Phones they took this opportunity to buy the research already conducted by Intel, as well as the intellectual property, equipment and leases and around 2,200 Intel employees.  

Currently, Qualcomm is leading the charge when it comes to manufacturing 5G modem chips with the Snapdragon 855 ready for the next generation of mobile data. They work in well-known products such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and the OnePlus7. However, as Intel were reportedly already deep in developing their own 5G modem chips, Apple is very much back in the race to produce and release the first smart phone to offer 5G.  

Original Article: Bobby Hellard 


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