Back Up and Disaster Recovery Reviews

Back Up and Disaster Recovery Reviews

For one day only 121 IT Services are offering a
free Back Up and Disaster Recovery review for attendees at SheffEX Ponds Forge. It is not too late to take advantage of this free offer, just click on the banner above and simply fill out the form. It is free and you never know you might pick up your own business opportunities by attending SheffEX.

In the meantime what do you think is more important? Backing up your data or knowing it can be recovered…quickly!

Hopefully you answered the recovery bit…

…it is all very well having important data backed up, however, if you are unable to restore the data, quickly, your backups are of little use…

This is why 121 IT Services has become a partner with three leading backup and disaster recovery, software providers;

Symantec Partner

StorageCraft Partner

Veeam Partner

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