Big Brother is watching!

Big Brother is watching!

Yesterday the BBC News published an article about an employee who took his employer to the European Court for reading his private emails; the court found in favour of the employer and stated that the employee’s rights had not been violated. The article makes interesting reading as it highlights the grey areas when it comes to employees using their work devices for personal use. For the full article see BBC News

121 IT advises that all companies are clear in their policies e.g. what if employees use their own mobile phone or laptop for work purposes? (bring your own device – BYOD) or if employees are allowed to use their work devices during their lunch break for personal use.

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The bottom line is to have clearly defined polices in place; and in our opinion, provide work equipment (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) for work use only, thus avoiding those grey areas when people bring in their own devices for shared use between personal and work.

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