Brexit: How SCC’s can help your companies data flow post Brexit

Brexit: How SCC’s can help your companies data flow post Brexit

With Brexit on the horizon, companies are scrambling to find methods to maintain the flow of data from Europe into the UK, if a no deal Brexit occurs. The best way to do this would be to agree terms with the data sender. This is known as a SCC or standard contractual clause. These will need to be agreed pre-Brexit. 

Companies will need to consider the terms of these SCC’s. There are a variety of them that can be implemented, however understanding them beforehand is vital.  

So why would a small to medium sized business require SCC’s? Well if someone in the EU sends personal data to someone outside the EU, they will need to follow GDPR guidelines on international transfers of data. An SCC is a safeguard for this and is one of the ones most likely to be approved. SCC’s are the only realistic way for small to medium sized businesses to complete these transactions.  

There are exceptions to these rules. Medical emergencies or other urgent one-off data transfers will be accepted more often than not, and those organisations will not need to use an SCC. 

There are options for companies looking to transfer data post-Brexit and aren’t huge conglomerates. SCC’s provide a great option to allow the data flow between the UK and EU to continue. If you need help creating an SCC then the have templates to help. It also provides more information on the issue. The link to the page is here. 

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