BT release the pinnacle of poor subscription packages

BT release the pinnacle of poor subscription packages

The pinnacle of subscription packages has been reached as BT release a package that offers WIFI in every room. Yes, you read right. They are making people pay extra money for a service that could be considered a bare minimum for an internet or WIFI package in the first place. The way BT’s routers are currently set up limits the success of them. They are set up with sealed units as opposed to external antennas. So, BT provide poorer WIFI then bill you more to get it better?? Nice! 

You may be asking yourself, “What would I get on this Complete WIFI package?”. Well you get one of BT’s latest SmartHubs and a singular WIFI disk which helps the WIFI reach the darkest and furthest reaches of your house…. supposedly. If your signal is considered weak by BTs standards which would have to mean, you have no signal, then they will provide you with two more of these disks.  

However, BT charge nearly 50% more than other retailers for the WIFI access points on top of the inflated monthly charges. 

We believe software as a service is an excellent model, however, this is taking the proverbial. If you need a professional WIFI installation with value, call us and we’ll do it better. 

Original article: IT Pro, Barry Collins

Photo by Misha Feshchak on Unsplash

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