Cable Crisis

10th September 2021

Another piece of bad news for iPhone users. After an awful few months of new security threats and an increasing amount of app store scams, there is yet another thing for iPhone users to worry about. In the past the “O.MG cable” only used to be able to target iMacs. However now it appears a new version of this nasty piece of hardware has gone on sale in the world of hackers that can be used to target Apple phones as well as computers.

Although it looks like a generic lightning cable, it can be used to record everything that a user types, including passwords, bank details and other personal information. This can then be sent to a hacker who can be more than a mile away.

The technology used in these cables, although nasty, is incredible. When they are connected, these cables can create a WiFi hotspot specifically for the hacker; and an interface that most normal web browsers will access. This will enable the hacker to begin to record keystrokes.

Although Apple updated their charging cables a while ago, this hack is compatible with both the new and the old cable, meaning all iPhone users could fall victim. The new O.MG cables are now on sale for $140 on Hak5. We therefore recommend that you


Hope may be on the horizon with the leak of Apples new portless iPhone but as this is only currently a leak, it could be a while before they go into circulation. If your cable breaks, we always recommend buying a replacement from a trusted source and perhaps never borrow one from someone you don’t fully trust.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels.