COVID-19 Malware concerns

COVID-19 Malware concerns

Hackers are taking advantage of the panic caused by COVID-19 by using fake virus maps to infect users with malware. 

AZORult malware has been found to be infecting users when they open links to these maps says Shai Alfasi from Reason Cybersecurity Ltd. The malware takes all kinds of information such as your browser history, cookies, passwords, cryptocurrency and more.  

Colin Bastable, the chief executive officer of Lucy Security AG states that the virus will also affect a lot of organisations, not just general users. It could lead to catastrophic financial losses if a company is targeted and affected. And with the likelihood that people may have to work from home on the rise, this has the potential to leave users with their guard down or even perhaps using machines with fewer security measures than the ones they’d use at work. Most companies will have precautions regarding security in place but for the few that don’t, they will be easy targets for this scam.  

If you are interested in a Corona virus map, the safest place to see one is from John Hopkins University. Just click here. 

If you have any concerns about potential scams, get in touch.  

Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

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