COVID-19 search portal launched by Google

7th April 2020

Google have announced that they have launched a new COVID-19 search portal. As of yet it is only in the US but plans for a European version are being worked on. After conducting research on the most searched topic of 2020, Google have found that Coronavirus is the most searched topic by a considerable margin. This is why they have decided to gather all the key information on the topic and put it in to one place.  

The portal will include links to local Twitter pages and resources; links to webpages on the virus including that of the World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention; statistics including a world map with infection, fatality and recovery numbers; links to fundraising pages; and a full overview of how Google themselves are helping to tackle the virus. 

Google is the main source that people will be getting information from on how to deal with the virus and other statistics and tips. They have stated that they want to help distribute help and advice on the virus as efficiently as they can and also spread the good news like recovery numbers and successful fundraisers, so all the news isn’t just doom and gloom which is definitely something us here a 121 IT Services can get behind. 

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash