How safe are we from cyber attack?

How safe are we from cyber attack?

Recent media attention has focussed our attention on computer security and possible vulnerabilities (see mainstream press, BBC, FSB, UK National Crime Agency, etc).

As a contact of 121IT we thought it poignant to give you our best advice.

Articles have reported that the National Crime Agency, FBI and other cyber experts have teamed together to close down cyber criminals who have so far invaded around 15,500 British computers using malware such as Gameover Zeus, GO Zeus or P2PZeus and ransomware Crypto Locker.

It is not only the bank details the criminals are after; they are holding documents, photographs, email accounts and other personal information as ransom to obtain money.

The agencies have suggested computer users have less than 2 weeks to save themselves from cyber-attack blamed for millions of pounds of fraud across the world.

The article is not meant to cause unnecessary panic, however it does highlight how vulnerable our computers have become in an age where we have become so reliant on IT for; communication, services (including banking) and generally keeping us in the 21st century.

A robust, frequent, offsite and tested backup system is a bare minimum for business!

The information within “What is?” is, we hope, a simple summary of what malware and ransom ware are and what you can do to prevent it…

…Additonally we recommend taking a look at our “Common Sense Guidelines” for when using the internet and emails. To view these guides click on the link to download the PDF document.

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