Data storage is getting tiny…really tiny

Data storage is getting tiny…really tiny

Data storage is vital to anyone and everyone who uses technology in the modern day. And protecting sensitive data such as names, addresses, bank details and passwords is even more important. However, researchers may have found a way to store data in molecules that are smaller than DNA. Yes, you read correctly.  

Although it is not a new discovery to store data inside of biological matter, doing so on such a small scale as this is mind boggling. The IT industry could benefit tremendously from such an amazing discovery. Hacking the data stored on these molecules would be a lot harder to do making it ideal for storing sensitive data. It could also be used to store data in climates where traditional methods would suffer. The data would be able to be stored and preserved for hundreds of years if looked after.  

The researchers that made this discovery say that DNA is far better for storing larger files, but they have had success encoding a 6,142-pixel image from the smaller molecules, which is around the size of a thumbnail. It was extracted with 99% accuracy. DNA may still be a far better way to store larger files, but this discovery is a step in the right direction and could forever change the way we store data in the future.  

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

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