Long Distance Clients

Long Distance Clients

Yesterday we had an eager client call to renew his AVG Internet Security before we had sent the reminder out next week. Whilst on the phone he mentioned that he had moved since last year and proceeded to give me his new address…which is in Norfolk…wow.

This got me thinking about what other clients we have which are not in our regular South Yorkshire area and here are our top 5 long distance clients:

Harpenden – 134 Miles

Norfolk – 135 Miles

Barnet 150 Miles

Livingston – 250 Miles

And our winner is Menorca Spain at a whopping 1,248 Miles!! Yeah okay this is a family member but we can still assist with printer issues and any other niggles, including ordering the ink.

If at any time we have provided you with long distance support then make sure we know and we will see if you can break our current record.

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