Efficiency whilst working: A few tips from 121 IT to help you work more efficiently

Efficiency whilst working: A few tips from 121 IT to help you work more efficiently

In the current climate, time is money. So, making sure that you are working efficiently is vital. There are loads of simple tips that can help you speed up your work but not everyone will be doing them. Therefore, we decided that we would share some with you today.

Another handy tip is to customise your task bar. This will mean adding in programs that you use on a day to day basis so that you have quicker access to them. To pin a program, you can right-click it from the Start Menu and then select “pin to taskbar”. If there is a file you use a lot within a program, e.g. a document in Word, why not pin it to the list – right click icon (Word icon), then point to the file and click the “pin to list” icon; the file will remain in the taskbar list when you right-click it.

Keyboard short cuts are also another handy tip for improving work efficiency. I won’t go in to too much detail as we have a previous list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts, including a downloadable PDF. If you would like to read our article, click here.

Last tip would be to ensure that you close programs that you are not currently using. Clogging up your PC with open Windows may cause it to become slower. Never fear as there is a simple way of clearing the deck. A fun way to minimise tabs that you aren’t using to the task bar is to grab the title bar of the program that you are using and give it a shake. Pressing Windows + Home gives you the same result, but it is far less enjoyable. If you want to minimise all tabs and see your desktop then Windows + D will give you this result.

Using these simple tips will help you increase the efficiency of your work. As always, if you have any questions you have about your IT, get in touch.

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