Emails – the bane of our lives?

Emails – grrrrrr, I’m slightly fed up!

As our inboxes expand and fill with useless junk or spam; or even malicious phishing emails, we must continually ask ourselves whether email has become more of a hindrance than a help. Undoubtedly, there is incredibly useful functionality, however, I’m asking whether the amount of time taken trawling through our various inbox folders  justifies reaching emails that we actually want to see/read.

The answer is still a resounding yes.


We want to see more tools that work well in removing the rubbish we don’t want to see – without removing that really important lead or email we cannot afford to miss. There are a number of very clever anti-spam solutions on the market that filter emails before they get to your Outlook software – they are not infallible and need to be trained, repeatedly. We should also have good malware filtering in place, either at Exchange level or client level (i.e. before or at receipt of email to your Outlook). With the advent of Office365 and the market dominance of Microsoft we now have several features within our reach to deal with those hefty inboxes:

  • Junk Mail filtering
  • Clutter
  • (NEW) Focussed Inbox

Each of the above can be really helpful. They ARE clever, intuitive to use and actually learn from our behaviour.

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