Free content on the Internet. How can you support it?

Free content on the Internet. How can you support it?

At 121 IT Services we support and like to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation, an American, non-profit organisation which hosts sites such as Wikipedia and offers free content to the community. The Wikimedia Foundation was created in 2003 to fund Wikipedia, using methods that are non-profit. As of 2017, it employs 300 people, with annual revenues of over £100 million... 

The goal of the foundation and ones like it, is to create educational, informative, open content and provide this to the public for free. The foundation provides 11 Wikis which include Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikibooksWikiquote, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, Wikimedia, WikispeciesWikinewsWikiversity and Wikidata.  

The money we donate goes towards things such as salaries for the staff and professional operating systems and services. Donations made qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions.  

Arguably, much Internet content is becoming commercially driven and with the increase in “Fake News”, sharing all this information freely and accessible to all is a benefit to everyone. If you agree and would also like to donate, click here. 

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