Only a small window until GameOver Zeus may raise its ugly head again

Only a small window until GameOver Zeus may raise its ugly head again

Take some easy steps to stay protected

What is GameOver Zeus?

They are two types of attack that work together being propagated from some of the largest global cybercrime networks. Normally spread as an innocent and official looking link or email attachment, Gameover Zeus silently monitors data and intercepts communications with online banking sites in order to steal login details and passwords.

What is CryptoLocker?

Whether or not it succeeds, it will launch the second attack, Cryptolocker, which encrypts the files on a computer and extorts a heavy ransom from the user to regain control of their machine.

Once infected, the machine then becomes part of the network spreading the attack. Over $100 million have already been stolen.

1. GameOver Zeus spreads though infected links or email attachments.

2. It silently tracks keystrokes and browser data for banking passwords and logins.

3. It then activates CryptoLocker to encrypt the hard drive and hold it for ransom.

4. The infected computer then becomes part of the network spreading the malware.

Why such a short window to act?

On the 2nd June, the FBI, Europol and the UK’s National Crime Agency announced they had

temporarily disrupted the network of machines spreading the infection, and warned users they have a two-week window to ensure their computers are secure. That deadline is when they expect the

cybercriminal behind the attack to regain control of the network and potentially

unleash a large scale cyber-attack.

What you can do to help stay safe

Protect your PCs

It’s vital that your PC has up to date security installed that checks download links and email attachments.

Update your operating system

Security updates in newer versions of o/s like Windows® will help you to avoid these attacks.

Back up your data

This will prevent Cryptolocker from being a threat to your vital data and documents, and is good overall insurance.

2-step Authentication

This added layer of security requires randomly generated codes to confirm online purchases & transfers.

Always use common sense: check your bank statements and be cautious with unsolicited emails.

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