GDPR – our take

121 IT Services and GDPR

It’s coming. We’ve all heard about it, lots of us are wondering about it; some of us have taken action to ensure we are compliant; some of us are in the process; some of us may be ostriches (please don’t be).

On the 25th May 2018 changes in Data Protection legislation come into force. Largely driven by an EU directive and despite Brexit, they do apply to us all. In my personal view, a great improvement and about time. I’m fed up of organisations being sloppy about my personal data! Considering the recent reputational damage Facebook have experienced it is even more relevant too.

However, some of the “scaremongering” out there may be worth addressing and some of the myths busting.
We can offer GDPR readiness support for your organisation. Contact us for more information.

GDPR and 121 IT
We are an interested party, processing data on our clients’ behalf in the delivery of services we provide to clients and their businesses as our customers. Any data we process is only done in the delivery of such services.
Our Privacy Promise
We promise:

  • To take client data privacy seriously
  • To keep data we process safe, secure and private
  • Not to sell or pass on client data
  • Not to use any 3rd party in processing your data without your express permission
  • Advise you should there be a breach to our network/infrastructure which may compromise your data.

We will work with your data controller/s to ensure the above and maintain GDPR compliance for 121 IT Services. We can provide consultancy for you to achieve the same.

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