Go Green: How 121 IT do their bit to help the environment

Go Green: How 121 IT do their bit to help the environment

With Climate Change such hot news and actions by individuals and companies being more and more important, however small these are….. how are we at 121 IT Services doing our bit? 

  1. All the electricity we use is generated from Wind Power. ALL OF IT. We buy expensive wind generated electricity and have done since we moved in. 
  2. We have smart central heating thermostats that are reporting every minute and controllable by remote apps. Our NEST account shows us to be in the top 25% of companies reducing gas central heating use. 
  3. We recycle everything we can – separate sorting boxes for plastics, metals and glass; and paper/card. 
  4. We boil water as needed for hot drinks. 
  5. All IT equipment that is for disposal is examined for re-use, recycle or secure disposal via WEEE authorised waste collection. 
  6. We promote and practice energy efficiency and sound environmental policies internally, while respecting individual choice. 
  7. Where possible, staff will use public transport or efficient vehicles (our MD drives a super-efficient Hybrid Ioniq) for work miles – conferences, site visits, etc. 
  8. When possible, we use videoconferencing instead of travel for meetings. 
  9. We aim to create less waste by e.g. use of laptops in meetings, digital notes, reduced and recycled packaging, etc. 

There are so many small things we can do to help; and often these also make good business sense as they improve the bottom line. Win Win situation!! 

Author: Adrian Lane

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