Google to use recycled materials in all hardware products by 2022

Google to use recycled materials in all hardware products by 2022

Google has made a promise to use recycled materials in all of its hardware products by the year 2022. These products include Pixelbooks and phones, Google Home speakers and other accessories like phone cases and charging stands.  

Google have already begun the process of using recycled materials in their products such as using plastic bottles in their cases and Google Homes. They have really made a huge deal out of wanting to be known as a company that limits waste as they have even created an in-house robot that goes through old hardware and dissembles it for parts that can be used in other products. Samsung have made a similar promise, pledging that their package will be changed to feature far more sustainable materials.  

Anna Meegan. The head of Google’s sustainability for hardware, says they are also looking to switch from air to cargo to transport its shipments. She says that they have already reduced emissions by 40% from this switch and it will only be more after the company fully switches. However, they will have to increase efficiency in other areas as this switch will increase the tie it takes to transport items, so if they want to keep on schedule, the development and production processes will need to be worked on.  

They are currently running a recycling partnership program that will provide a shipping label for you to send Google devices that are no longer needed so they can be recycled, and the parts used again. This is only in the US so far, but they are intending to make it a more widespread program in the near future 


Orginal article: Natt Garun, 

Image: Amelia Holoway Krales/ The Verge 

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