Hackers target gaming giant

15th June 2021

Hackers are selling access to EA game servers after the gaming giant was struck with a cyber-attack. Messages found on hacking forums indicate that the hackers managed to obtain 780 GB of data and have full access to FIFA 21’s matchmaking servers as well as source code for the Frostbite engine that EA use to power games such as Battlefield, Madden and FIFA, all of which have a vast fan base.

The data stolen by the cyber criminals is reportedly up for around $28 million or around £19.8 million on these hacking forums. Although a spokes person from EA has said that the data that was taken by these criminals is not harmful or that important, it contradicts what the criminals themselves are claiming. It is simply a matter of who you trust to tell you the truth about how serious the breach is.

It has been confirmed that no player data has been accessed which is at least a positive. When Eric Milam, vice president of Research and Intelligence at BlackBerry was asked for his thoughts on the breach he said that if the hackers manage to compile the data they have stolen then this could give them the opportunity to “add their own back doors into certain games”. Some of which will not have even been released yet. This could be incredibly damaging for the company.

EA are not the first games company to fall victim to a cyber-attack and they certainly won’t be the last. In fact it isn’t the first time they themselves were hacked. That was all the way back in 2011. The recent attack could have been far more disastrous for them if it wasn’t spotted as early as it was, but they are continuing to receive criticism from fellow developers for the poor security that allowed the hackers to access their data in the first place. They are yet to release a statement regarding this criticism.

Even the biggest companies can fall victim to cyber-attacks. If you have any concerns about your company’s security, please get in touch.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash