How encryption can benefit your business

How encryption can benefit your business

Encryption of data in a business is a vital precaution that must be taken in the modern day, especially with the amount of cybercrime that is occurring. Government research shows that in 2018, 43% of companies had a data breach of some kind. These breaches included fraud emails to staff, people impersonating companies online and viruses and malware. These on average cost companies around £894 per incident.  

As well as this a lot of companies don’t realise the importance of encrypting tablets and smart phones that contain sensitive data. Only 1/3 of companies do this. Any kind of customer data that a company holds must always be encrypted to maintain the safety and privacy of the customer. 

Cloud adoption is very common in the modern day as the job of encrypting data is handed to the service provider. This does mean that they are often targeted by the cyber criminals, however.  

Remote work opens new issues. No matter how widespread a work force is, they almost always still must keep in contact with the main office. VPN’s help with this kind of communication and are useful for small companies as they are cheap and efficient. The problem with remote work is keeping track of data and devices that are often outside of the main office. Most companies may not have had these outside of office devices encrypted and if they hold any sensitive data, this leaves them vulnerable to data breaches.  

When it comes to encryption and the protection of sensitive data, you can never be too careful. It would be best to encrypt every device that belongs to you or your company to ensure that all the data on there is safe. Below is the link to the original article:

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