How Firefox can help save you from fingerpriting

How Firefox can help save you from fingerpriting

Fingerprinting is a type of online tracking that is different from cookies and other trackers. This is when a company makes a profile specifically for you based on your preferences, the software and add-ons that you use and other things. Even small things like the web browser or font you use can be used to create a fingerprint. The more unique the add-ons you use are, the easier it will be to track you. Loads of marketeers use this to base ads around you and bombard you with the same ones.  

However, Firefox’s new feature can save you from this adpocalypse and help prevent fingerprinting from occurring. This is how they do it: 

Step 1: There will be an icon in the top left of you Firefox browser that is an I inside a circle. Click on this icon and then in Content Blocking. 

Step 2: Find the Custom section and you will then see boxes that you can click to block things such as trackers, cookies and fingerprinting 

Step 3: Click the box next to Fingerprinters and then it should prevent them from tracking you. 

This cause a lot of websites to break and others may have a different layout due to this, but it prevents you from being tracked and may speed up and increase the pleasantness of your online experience.  

You wouldn’t want people tracking your movements without your permission in real life, so don’t let it happen to you online. Firefox have found an effective way to save you the hassle of annoying fingerprinting and targeted ads. 

Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash

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