How Firefox is helping you block out those pesky ad trackers

How Firefox is helping you block out those pesky ad trackers

Firefox have been stepping up their game on blocking ad trackers. In fact, Mozilla aren’t trying to block actual ads, but only the methods that they can track your web movement. After some testing, it was found that they had succeeded mostly. When going on to sites where ads were still being displayed, around 30 or more tracing elements were blocked on most of the sites. By doing this Mozilla are attempting to both increase the loading time of webpages and improve the privacy of their users.  

They are going all out to protect their users. In Firefox 69 you can pull up a list of a webpages cookies by clicking on the shield icon in the address bar whilst the Beta for Firefox 70 takes this to even higher levels as they track cookies as well as Fingerprinters, Cross-Site Cookies, Social Media Trackers and Cryptominers. There are notifications to allow the user to know when they have encountered each for the first time and if you click the notification, you will be provided with more information on it.  

Firefox has prevented ad videos from autoplaying. This was done in April 2019 but was only for videos with audio where as now, Firefox 69 allows you to block the autoplay of videos without audio as well. This improve page loading times dramatically and decrease battery usage when browsing sites that are full of embedded videos. Firefox 69 even asks for permission before running any Flash content.  

The benefits of what Firefox are doing are huge. It will drastically increase the efficiency of not only your searching, but also your computer y helping it save battery life.  

Original article author: Jim Slater 

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