How MS Teams can help you organise your business

How MS Teams can help you organise your business

MTeams claims that the platform has three million more active users daily than its nearest rival, Slack.  

MTeams seems to have soared to success in the past few months based on research performed by Microsoft themselves. They were far behind Slack as recently as April 2019 and now they have soared in front.  

The growth of Teams may largely be down to its inclusion in the Office 365 suite. A lot of people were and still are, unaware of the many benefits of using Teams instead of other software. It’s very popular among companies boasting a total of 500,000 organisations. Slack lags far behind in this department with 85,000.  

Teams offers the ability to flag important news, while cross-channel posting saves the user from having to copy and paste messages to different audiences. It is also easy to deploy Teams to every member of an organisation. It is useful for team meetings, messaging within teams and can be applied based on the needs of employees and their specific roles with in the company.  

At 121 IT Services we use teams and recommend it highly. It is a great platform to help organise meetings and events with in your company and it makes it very easy to stay organised.  

Original article: Keumars Afifi-Sabet 


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