Inexperienced users falling victim to yet another WhatsApp scam

29th April 2021

WhatsApp users beware. There is yet another scam doing the rounds on the popular messaging platform. The victim will receive a malicious message from someone claiming to be someone from your contact list. The hackers will send a code via text, followed by a WhatsApp message from someone on their list of contacts. Once the “contact” asks the recipient to share the code, this will allow them to gain access to their WhatsApp account.  

It is similar to other attacks that have struck WhatsApp recently. Due to COVID, the number of people with accounts for WhatsApp and other social applications has gone through the roof as they are a great way to stay in touch with people you can’t see due to the restrictions put in place during the pandemic.  

Hackers have decided to use this to their advantage by targeting these new, less experienced users who might not know how to spot a scam. It has become a common thing over the past year for families to sit down and Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp call their elderly relatives. It may be funny to watch them sitting too close to the camera or struggle to rotate the screen if they are upside-down, but it is vital that they are taught what to look out for when spotting a potential scam as these are the type of people these hackers will be targeting. 

However, you can’t help others avoid scams if you are not sure how to spot a scam yourself. We have plenty of helpful guides that can help show you what to look out for when it comes to spotting phishing or scam attempts. If you are ever in any doubt about any messages or emails you receive, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to check them for you. Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash