Iron Man is real...sort of

14th May 2021

You may have thought that the technology that Tony Stark uses in the Marvel Universe to build his Iron Man suit is pure fiction. Well…some of it still is. HOWEVER, not as much as you may have thought.

The suit itself has been 3D printed out of titanium. The company EOS printed a full suit of bullet proof, film accurate Iron Man armor. The plates are far thinner than in the actual films, but this is due to the weight problem. It would be difficult to get it off the ground using the jet packs if it were any thicker due to titanium being quite a heavy material. There are other materials used which allow the armor to fit to the user’s body and add slight comfort, but a large majority is titanium. Hinges allow the armor panels to be connected together but also for the user to move in them and straps with buckles that connect the arms and legs to the main torso.

Gravity Industries invented the 1000 horsepower jet packs that allow the suite to fly. Adam Savage who is most famously known from the show Myth Busters, spent days in an aircraft hanger trying to get used to the flying technology, so when the suit went on, the final test was a success. To see the outcome and the suit itself in all its glory, check out the YouTube video here: How Adam Savage built a real Iron Man suit that flies. Please excuse the YouTube ads but this is a good coffee break watching.

This video was made in 2019 and since then technology has advanced even further. How far can humanity push the boundaries of possibility? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Photo by Mike&Noemi Gonzalez on Unsplash