Customer Service – What does it really mean?

Customer Service – What does it really mean?

Recently we engaged with Alan Richards from Action4Results. Alan works with companies to empower and develop individuals, community groups and leaders of the future through powerful communication, total focus and personal effectiveness. Alan came to our offices for three consecutive weeks and worked with the 121 IT Team: Technicians, Managers and Directors, with the aim of training us all in Customer Services.

We want to continually improve in our service delivery, in fact we will go as far as to say “we are doing something every day to improve our Customer Service to make your experience better”. That is some claim, however with a reputation built by word of mouth the experience of our clients has to be second to none.

If you would like to experience excellent customer service from the leading IT service provider in the North, please give our dedicated team a call on 0114 268 5121 or request a call back at

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