Laptop demand reaches all time high

24th May 2021

Global demand for laptops has soared by a staggering 81% in the first 5 months of 2021. This is down to a combination of an increase in remote working, people buying laptops for gaming purposes and the regular laptop upgrade cycle.

Lenovo remained top of the charts with 16.3 million units shipped worldwide which is an 84% increase year-by-year. HP stayed second with 15.4 million units and a 91% increase. Dell was third with a much steadier increase of only 37%.

The two companies that saw the biggest increase in shipments were Apple and Acer with a staggering 94%. The massive increase from last year can also be put down to last year’s first quarter having poor numbers. This is due to the COVID pandemic not really reaching its peak at this point.

Even with supply chain shortages, the demand for laptops continues to increase. With a lot of companies deciding to continue to work remotely even after the pandemic is over, this will mean that the demand for laptops will still be higher than it was before the pandemic and with laptop upgrades still being necessary every few years to ensure workers have the best software and security on their laptops, then this rise in demand will be here to stay, even though it will more than likely level out over time.

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