Malware and Cryptovirus

Malware and Cryptovirus

As we hear of more and more computer users being affected by the Cryptovirus (or variants) we thought it time to remind you how to avoid this nasty.

In the first place – your backup and disaster recovery plan should be in place, running, reporting… and tested…. regularly!! This is a must.

Secondly – have your IT administrators put in place a Group Policy Object (GPO) that locks down the ability for users to allow the nasty to run in the first place. Yes this may cause some inconvenience; pop-ups asking for administrator permission can be annoying. BUT – this is much more desirable than recovering from an infection.

Don’t forget – this nasty encrypts ALL data files and only allows decryption upon payment of a sum of bitcoins (untraceable currency). You need to be aware, prepared and protected!

You may ask why your antivirus doesn’t protect you from this? Well for two main reasons it may not – firstly, as the variants of this nasty “mutate”, some antivirus software haven’t yet caught up. We’ve seen this happen from morning to evening – early morning user’s AV was caught out while afternoon users’ same AV dealt with it. Secondly, antivirus has little or no control over what click-happy users say yes to. We know of a user who was expecting an email from HMRC so clicked through on an email containing the virus.

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