Office 365 – What does it mean for your business?

Office 365 – What does it mean for your business?

Office365 is Micorosft’s Cloud Solution. 

Put simplistically, a Cloud Solution is effectively any service, data provision or application that is not held on the computers at your premises. Most businesses may already have one or more – e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. However, generally these are ad hoc and have not been developed as part of a total business solution. Furthermore, there are a number of concerns re security, costs and integration..

Office365 streamlines your business.
It is secure, scalable and cost efficient when compared to the traditional method of purchasing MSOffice licenses. Office365 is subscription based (monthly or yearly) on a per user basis. Businesses can add or remove users as required. No more expensive licensing upgrades and reduced risk.

There are a number of different subscription models to suit individual business requirements starting at £3.10 per user per month.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Having Microsoft host Emails, Contacts and Calendars in the Cloud is probably the biggest benefit to businesses. Accessing data on the move, from any device or even from within a web browser makes businesses truly mobile.
  • Addtionally, sharing emails/mailboxes, calendars, appointments and tasks for collaboration is a breeze!
  • Cloud storage of data (1TB per user!), accessible to relevant users with appropriate permissions, from anywhere. No more VPNs, USB pens, duplication of data; held on insecure laptops, or other security risks.
  • Latest versions of MSOffice on up to 5 devices per user (includes tablets, smartphones and also a Web version).
  • Multi-user editing of live documents in the Cloud.
  • Easily share and collaborate on projects within or even outside the business.

And there are some other amazing opportunities with Lync, Sharepoint, SKYPE for business to name but a few.

Worried about security? A little techy but for peace of mind see 

121 IT are an Office365 Solutions Provider. Your business can now shift the burden of responsibility on to Microsoft with 121 IT managing the process, at a greatly reduced cost. 

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