“Microsoft Windows 10 – have you taken the plunge?”

“Microsoft Windows 10 – have you taken the plunge?”

Back in September 2015 we posted an article titled “Microsoft Windows 10 – What do we think?

Our recommendation was yes and gradually during this time 121 IT’s clients have moved from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1. At the time there was no urgency for the end user as the deadline for this free upgrade was the 29th July 2016, which I hate to say is now fast approaching.

However it appears this date is not the only thing which is encouraging you to make a decision; but also Microsoft it would seem. There have been several articles posted recently stating that Microsoft have been a little sneaky and this arcticle from TechRadar explains what’s possibly been happening to your device without you knowing; You may be upgrading to Windows 10 without even realising it

But is it such a bad thing? We stand by our orginal recommendation and still think it is a good move to upgrade; click on the image for a very recent review which quotes “New look, new applications, new browser – meet Microsoft’s pivotal Operating System (OS).

Windows 10 Review

Many users have upgraded to Windows 10 themselves without a problem. If you are technically minded you may wish to go it alone. If you’d like to take advantage of our services, we will fully back up your machine and carry out the upgrade for you in our workshops. We will also help with any teething issues that may arise thereafter. All for just £54 inc VAT per device (subject to the unforeseeable).

If would like to take advantage of the above offer then please do contact the office on 0114 268 5121.

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