MS Teams is leaving its competitors in the dust!

MS Teams is leaving its competitors in the dust!

Microsoft are rewarding MS Teams for its success with even more integrations. Outlook and Teams have now been integrated along with a host of changes which allows the communication platform to be EVEN MORE efficient than it already was. It is now possible for users to move conversations from Teams on to Outlook and vice versa by clicking just one button.

Calls and meetings have been changing with the option to add live captions and subtitles having been added. Microsoft have said that this will help when one of the callers in a party is in a busy place and might not be able to hear or talk.

The security has been stepped up as people with admin rights have the ability to see what content is being shared on the platform and look out for any inappropriate messages.

There are options to tag certain people or departments in messages that not everyone has to see but gives you the option to get a message to all the people that it is relevant to all at once. This was an addition that only Slack had previously, but now Microsoft have decided to add it to Teams. Microsoft are clearly pushing for Teams to become the only choice for an enterprise communications platform even going as far as to make additions that there competitors had done before them just to make sure that there aren’t any features that their competitors offer that they don’t.

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