My Return From Furlough

My Return From Furlough

Hello to all reading this article,

My name is Josh and I am an employee here at 121 IT Services. You may recognise the name if you are a regular customer who calls to report their issues as I will usually be the one taking your call. However, I had been furloughed until recently so if you are a new customer then you may not yet have heard me greet you over the phone. It’s been a strange time, not just for me and the 121 team, but for everyone and it feels good to return to work and normality (whatever that word means nowadays).

It’s great working in IT because however much you try and keep up with what’s going on whilst you are away from it, it always keeps changing and evolving so fast. Working in IT will never fail to keep you on your toes. I am delighted to see or hear everyone again and happy to see they are all still working hard to keep 121 IT delivering the high-quality service to our customers that we pride ourselves on.

Whilst furlough was an enjoyable experience for me as I got to enjoy things that I never had time to do such as read books, drawing, walking, finishing TV shows I started years ago, I’ve still found that getting back to 121 is a relief and I am looking forward to getting stuck in and helping provide service to all our wonderful customers. If you are a customer who reports their issues over the phone, I look forward to hearing from you,

Stay safe everyone,


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