Is the telephone call genuine?

Is the telephone call genuine?

Yesterday a client (to maintain privacy we’ll name him Bob) called to say he had received a nuisance call on his landline; the caller insisted that Bob ‘s TV / Monitor was coming to the end of it’s warranty and probed for more information. Bob advised “I am going to consult with the experts (that’s us by the way!), please call back” We spoke to Bob and advised him not to give any personal information, but to see if he could obtain the company name and telephone number.

Low and behold the caller did call back this morning; and Bob asked for the information, to which the phone went dead! Bob then called 1471 obtained the number and called us.

Like a dog with a bone we searched the number 02085652645 on (see below for results) and indeed this number has made numerous calls in the last 24 hours; however mainly about washing machine warranties.

Moral of this story is that Bob thought better then to share information with a random person over the phone and checked with us the legitamacy of the call and just as well he did.

We are all vulnerable to these nuisance calls, to the point they even disguise themselves as representatives of Microsoft; so if you are unsure please give one of the team a call on 0114 268 5121 or drop us an email at

Nuisance Calls

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