Top Tips for avoiding a mobile bill shock

Top Tips for avoiding a mobile bill shock

I have been following Ofcom on Twitter for a while, and every now and then I will re-tweet their posts as they provide excellent tips on everything to do with telecommunications…especially how to manage nuisance calls, which you may have noticed is an absolute bug bear of mine.

Today they have posted an article called “Avoiding ‘bill shock’ when using your mobile in the UK

As always it is great and whilst you may be savvy when it comes to the wonderful world of Mobile Telecommunications, it never hurts to have a quick check!

For example, Ofcom’s “Top Tips” advise to:

  • Choose the right deal for your usage and make sure it stays right for you
  • Know what you get for your money – and what you don’t
  • Keep regular tabs on your usage so that you can avoid extra costs
  • Protect your phone and SIM with a passcode and keep it safe when you’re out and about
  • Make a note of your IMEI number and your provider’s lost or stolen contact number in case you need it later
  • Consider barring calls to premium rate services and international numbers to limit the usefulness of your phone to a thief

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