Online delivery vs COVID-19. Who's winning?

26th March 2020

Although COVID-19 has left people self-isolating, companies still continue to work from their homes. Customers both, corporate and domestic need to have goods delivered to their homes or offices. And with this most online delivery companies and retailers are taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their staff and customers when it comes to them delivering or receiving goods.  

Parcel Force have changed the way that they deliver items that require a signature. Like most companies, the ones that don’t will be left in safe places or on doors steps after the delivery driver has knocked on the door, however, for those that do they are asking for the customers full names and then marking the location of the delivery on a handheld device to ensure that they know where the delivery has been dropped off at. This is just one way that IT is helping to minimise the contact between staff and customers to keep both safe. Royal Mail are using the same method to identify the person receiving the parcel and to show what location it was delivered to.   

Amazon have stated that COVID-19 will not affect their ability to deliver at all. Their drivers have been told to minimise contact with customers, but other than this, business remains the same.  The online delivery company will continue to run as usual.

Most of these companies have released statements saying that they will continue to deliver service but to be aware that items may be late due to a reduction in the number of available staff to work due to illness or self-isolation. 

There is no need to worry about not being able to receive items as online retailers and delivery services have contingency plans in place to ensure you receive your items and stay safe whilst doing so.  The companies are finding ways to tackle the virus whilst also delivering service to their customer.

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash