Ransomware is a threat! Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR).

Ransomware is a threat! Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR).

Ransomware is a clever and horrible computer virus. It encrypts all of your data and then holds it to ransom. “We’ve encrypted your data, please pay (usually Bitcoin) to get it back”. This is the sort of message infected systems present to users who cannot decrypt the data without an encryption key. There is nothing that can be done about it. This is unless the affected user/s are prepared and protected against the eventuality. Antivirus alone is not enough as new strains of ransomware are produced on a daily basis. Criminals can even buy ready prepared ransomware packs. They find these on the dark web in an attempt to make money.  

An IT company that looks after Care Homes specifically was recently the victim of an attack. They provided internet access, security services and data storage to around 110 Care Homes , were attacked by Ransomware and had all their data encrypted. It appears the attack was meticulously planned over the preceding 18 months, exploiting vulnerabilities in Citrix and VPN systems. The original malware is likely to have entered the network by an infected email attachment.
The amount demanded to get this data back was $14 million worth of Bitcoin. This has had a devastating effect on the company’s clients, some already having closed and many more soon to follow if the company cannot recover the data 

Backing up your data is so vital.  Having multiple copies of your data and in different locations is crucial for businesses.  If one copy gets corrupted, stolen, damaged or anything else bad happens, you have another copy. This can then be accessed without giving in to the virus or hackers. This is backup. The speed of getting up and running again is “business continuity”. 

121 IT has a number of solutions – all tailored to individual requirements to help keep your data safe and you up and running. 

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