Remote interviews. How vital are they to companies that are hiring?

9th July 2020

People are slowly begging to head back to work. Normality (whatever that word means nowadays) is gradually being restored. However, people are still being asked to work from home if they possibly can. People are still having to find ways of using online software and programs to complete tasks that would usually be simple.

Although many companies may not be looking to employ at the current time, it is still important for those who are to have a method to conduct interviews as efficiently as possible to ensure that they find the best candidate to fill the role they are requiring. Obviously, an outsider coming into your office and potentially endangering themselves, you and your staff is not ideal. So, what other options do you have?

Well you can have online/ remote interviews using platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 3CX and other tools. You are able to add multiple people in to calls and in many applications, you are able to share your screen with other people in a call. Furthermore, these systems can allow you to share documents, images and other things that you may need to show to potential candidates. If you have any contracts that need signing, then there are now options to be able to sign them electronically without having to post them.

Being flexible for/during a remote interview is also vital to ensure that you find the best candidate. For example, if a candidate is unable to access one program, then ensure that you have a backup or 3 to make sure that you can communicate properly with them. If a candidate must visit your office, then you must ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep them and yourself safe.

Times may be strange, but some companies are still looking to employ people and technology can really help to both keep everyone as safe as possible and to ensure that the best candidate for the role is found. Remote interviews may be the future. If you have any questions on what tools might be best for you, get in touch.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels