Remote support and safety - Here's a few tips

11th August 2020

Security tips to help you with your remote working:

Working from home can raise an abundance of security questions from an IT perspective. However, there are a variety of ways that you can reduce the risk on your users and your company.

Multi-factor authentication: (MFA) is where you need to use multiple methods of identification to access your work accounts. This could be any accounts that you deem to contain sensitive information to the business or user. The first method is usually just your normal password, then you may present a code that will be sent via email, text message or via a mobile application.

Password Management: An example of an account that will need MFA is a password management system. These allow you to save your passwords in one secure (usually Cloud) location. Auto-generated, unique and complex passwords are harder to guess (or crack) and you won’t have to remember them. Advanced password management can be implemented across users within an organisation. This allows senior staff to categorise and sort them according to users that require access. User access and password management is controlled from secure Cloud logins which again will improve security as it minimises the risks.

Remote and Technical Support: When people are working from home it may be more difficult for them to access technical support if they are having issues. Therefore, it is important that they use equipment that they will feel comfortable with. If people are using their own devices, they also need to ensure these are up to date, secure and not accessed inappropriately. No matter what device they use however, they need to be sure to keep systems patched and up to date, particularly the security software. We can provide technical support remotely to most users on most devices giving additional peace of mind.

121 IT Services can help: It may be daunting if staff are working from home with no support for the first time however, ensuring companies’ security and support are important during these uncertain times. If you have any questions on how to implement these steps into your business, let us know.

Photo by from Pexels