Latest Scams

Latest Scams

This morning I have received telephone calls from 2 of our clients regarding receiving calls / spam emails asking them to hand over their hard earned cash.

The first was a telephone scam from a gentleman with a strong accent advising that our client’s PC had a virus and needed attention. Luckily our client was on the ball and put the phone down; knowing all too well the only people who are able to access her PC is us. This gentleman was quite persistent and called back 5 times…our advice is to get tough with them.

The second was a little sneakier; our client received an email offering “High Tech PC Optimization software” of course free of charge! She decided to have a go as their website is very professional looking and they offer to give your PC a clean-up for free. However what they didn’t mention is that they will find malware and to remove it they will charge you. Our client stopped at that point as she didn’t want to part with any money; however they have continued to email her and every time the amount requested gets less! We have advised to stop and we will carry out a thorough check remotely to make sure they have not downloaded any other nasty’s in the process.

If any one calls or emails asking to access your PC or requests you to download software please give us a quick call (FOC) and we will advise you on the legitimacy of the product / service and put your mind at rest.

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