Telecommunications companies vs COVID-19

Telecommunications companies vs COVID-19

British telecommunications companies such as Vodafone have announced ways in which they intend to help out their customers during the COVID-19 outbreakVodafone themselves have donated over 500,000 euros to help the people of Italy tackle the virus as well as announced that they will pay their suppliers earlier every month to ensure that they can still function in these tough times. From the 23rd March 2020, Virgin Mediapost-paid customers will be offered unlimited calls and texts as well as an extra 10GB of data at no extra cost during the coming months. 

It’s not just these two telecommunications companies. O2 have stated that any data that would normally be charged for or come off a person’s monthly data allowance, will not count if the time is spent on websites such as the NHS websiteThree have not announced any new policies as of yet, but they have launched a home delivery service as well as streaming service which allows customers to speak to a member of the Three team via video call, whilst both people are in the comfort of their own homesSky has allowed customers to pause any TV subscriptions whilst a lot of sporting events are halted and resume them once they have commenced again.  

More and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home for their own safety as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across multiple countries. The small steps that these companies are taking could really help other people or companies in the long run. 

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