Warning of Talk Talk Impersonators!!

Warning of Talk Talk Impersonators!!

Straight off the press…

…a concerned client called the office 5 minutes ago following a call from a woman claiming to be from Talk Talk; the caller asked our client to switch on her computer and allow her access! Thankfully our client was not convinced so asked for their telephone number; she called the number and the woman asked if she believed her now at which our client said no.  

Wisely she called us and we confirmed it was a scam and she did exactly the right thing; I advised that if they call again for her to calmly say “I have passed on your number to my IT Support Provider and they will be in touch”

This a reminder that no one should ever call and ask for access to your PC; even we will not call you randomly and ask for access.

If you receive a call like this then give us a ring on 0114 268 5121 and we will put your mind at rest and report the number.

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