The irony of IT

Is your PC’s operating system about to expire or are you running Windows XP? We might say here’s another reason not to… OR, perhaps you should just put the device in your safe and wait. Maybe in ten years’ time your infected computer will form part of an art installation like this laptop. Bought for less than £400 it has just sold at auction for over £1,000,000 while infected with some of the nastiest malware/viruses the world has ever seen. 

No, this is not fake news. This dated and hugely infected Samsung netbook sold as part of an art installation.  

It is ironic how most people would see viruses as something that they would like to avoid having on their computers, yet a laptop with some of the nastiest viruses of any laptop in the world has sold for an obscene amount of money.  

A pretty old and normal Samsung netbook turned goldmine by infecting it with some of the worst viruses you can get. Still, we recommend that you keep your laptop virus free. Below is the link to the original article: 

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