Is UK broadband really that bad?

Is UK broadband really that bad?

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Dereje, one of our a Service Desk Technicians, recently read an article about the cost of broadband in his home country of Ethiopia.

In the article it listed results for the monthly cost of broadband across 120 countries. Ethiopia came out on top at whopping 182.14$, UK were 69th at 29.24$ and perhaps surprisingly, the lowest was Ukraine at 3.53$. The comparisons were based on connections of 10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL. All in all the UK is ranking around mid-range in the world when it comes to costs, below the USA.

Note: Broadband in Ethiopia is delivered by one provider, Ethio Telecom, which is state owned. In the UK we have an increasing number of providers and this can make it hard for consumers or business owners to compare services. Some cynics amongst us might say this was intentional – a confused buyer tends not to buy anything and stay with existing. What do you think?

This all brings up another point about connectivity and how many actual end users have access to a decent, stable connection. An indicator of this is how many subscribers are on a Fixed Broadband line within a certain country. The data which measures subscribers can be accessed at and it is based on “Subscribers per 100 inhabitants”. The UK fare pretty well in this report ranking 6 out of 35, above USA, Germany and Japan.

Despite the figures showing that the UK are well placed in the world in relation to cost, providers and actual users, there is stil room for improvement, particularly in rural areas. Indeed, we are still shocked at some of the very poor services available in Sheffield to some of our customers.

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