Windows 10 “condemned by Which?”

Windows 10 “condemned by Which?”

Which? have condemned Windows 10, so say the BBC.

See for the full article.

We agree that the way the Windows 10 roll out happened was not best. Users found it difficult to decline the update, and others were arguably tricked into upgrading by the obscure messages that kept popping up on PCs.

Many less experienced users or those with older hardware had problems after the upgrade, however, these users represent a tiny fraction of the total machines upgraded.

We do believe it was Microsoft’s intention to force the upgrade on as many PCs as possible. This was to increase market share and make cross platform working (smartphone, tablets and PCs/Laptops) easier, compatible and seamless. Somewhat like the Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads; or the Google Tablets, Android smartphones and Chrome books.

These three big players are trying to gain our business!!

Overall we believe that Windows 10 is an improvement. Certainly, when compared to Windows 8 or 8.1.

It is less resource hungry and more compatible than previous Operating Systems.

Yes, there have been compatibility issues with certain devices – this has always happened but undoubtedly has been more visible due the volumes and timescales involved. Regarding the issue of data gathering, it is possible to not share so much data. However, we believe this raises an important question not only about Windows 10 but also about tablets, smartphones and other devices that are already sharing so much of what could be regarded as personal information. And usually without our knowing what is being shared.

Those people who wrote into Which? to complain may certainly have a grievance, however, as with all technology would you not prefer an expert to do the job for you? I might be able to watch a YouTube video on changing a tap but when I flood the house because I didn’t call the plumber I shouldn’t grumble too much.

Food for thought and our response to the BBC article.

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