Windows 7 Updates have problems

Ok, so we are a Microsoft Partner, a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner and we love Microsoft products and services. We build them, roll them out, service them, and have supported thousands of computers and systems to ensure our customers have smooth running IT infrastructures using Microsoft.

However, sometimes I have to have a moan, Microsoft, listen up!

It seems Microsoft have recently made a small tweak to a Windows 7 update that is crippling many user PCs.

Update KB3133977 has been changed from ‘Optional’ to ‘Recommended’ and this is breaking some computers with ASUS motherboards. The bizarre part? Despite acknowledging the problems, which Microsoft knew would occur in advance; it has no plans to do anything about it.

I won’t go into the techie stuff as it’s all Secure Boot related (UEFI). And I don’t want to be too cynical by suggesting Microsoft might be a little pushy in its official statement suggesting that if you have Windows 10 it is not a problem!! Or that this kind of “incompatibility” with non-Windows 10 Operating Systems may become more common even. Yes we do love Windows 10 but breaking computers to make sure users migrate is simply not on.

Of course this is our opinion


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