World Backup Day – 31st March 2015

World Backup Day – 31st March 2015

I’ve heard of World Book Day but not World Backup day…

…what is backup all about then?

Put simply, backup usually means creating and storing a usable second copy of all your digital data in case the original isn’t available; this could result from hard disk failure, software failure, virus or malware, malicious activity, sabotage, fire, theft, physical damage, loss of access, etc.

But is this enough?

Your data needs to be obtainable and usable as quickly and easily as possible. These concepts link closely to disaster recovery strategies and what our clients (and us!) have in place should the unavoidable happen.

The strategy chosen and approach taken will be determined by two very important recovery factors:

Recovery Point Objective: the maximum period in which data might be lost due to a major incident. E.g. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour, a day, a week (unlikely!).

Recovery Time Objective: the duration of time which a business process must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity.

Both can be business critical and unfortunately not many decision makers fully appreciate these two points when agreeing a budget or strategy and will often opt for a solution that will not actually deliver what they would like or even need.

This is where we come in; we will guide you on the design, cost and implementation of a fit for purpose strategy. For further information please contact one of the team at

Will you be making the world backup day pledge on the 31st March?
“I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

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