Business Continuity

One2One Business Continuity packages will provide you with fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers on-line as quickly as possible.

Our flexible recovery packages allow you to improve your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by reducing the time your systems and data are offline.  Minimizing your RTO helps you avoid the consequences of a break in business continuity, which in turn, helps you to maximise profits.

Many clients rely on good old fashioned external hard drives or even better a daily back onto a CD; the main problem with these options is that they are vulnerable to corruption, human error or damage.  This is where a robust continuity package is vital to running a business with no interruptions.

1. Bare Metal Recovery

Scenario: A massive storm wipes out the power at your headquarters for 36 hours. Your backup generator is supposed to provide power to keep critical systems going like your Web, Exchange and file servers.  But there was a lag before the generator kicked in and all the systems shut down.  You’re able to get most of the servers back up, but as always seems to happen in emergencies like this, one of your file servers crashed.

Desired Solution: Recover the entire server with minimal downtime.

How ShadowProtect Server can help: With ShadowProtect Server, your can restore the entire server quickly and easily, rather than taking many hours or even days to get things up and running again.  Restoring from disk-based media is much faster then restoring from tape.  Plus, you don’t have any additional steps loading the operating system and applications before you add your data.  It’s all right there in your backup image file.  Simply load the boot-able recovery CD, run the Recovery Environment locate your point-in-time back up image file and restore your server including operating system, applications, services and data.

2. Granular Recovery of Files and Folders

Scenario: The boss accidently deletes an important document from the file server an needs it in 10 minutes.

Desired Solution: Recover the missing document quickly and easily.

How ShadowProtect Server can help: ShadowProtect Server allows you to perform granular recovery of individual files and folders there’s no need for a separate data backup of your server.  You simply right click on the ShadowProtect backup image file (the last backup taken before the boss deleted the file), mount the image as a drive letter on the network, browse to the missing folder and file, and then drag and drop it to the production server.  Or you can mount the backup image file as a network share and empower the user to find their files and retrieve them.

3. Testing your Disaster Recovery Plan, New Applications

Scenario: You want to test your disaster recovery plan and ensure that your server data is recoverable.  You want to test whether a new application is compatible with your server environment.

Desired Solution: Routinely check the viability of data recovery on your server.  Easily check whether new application are compatible.

How ShadowProtect Server can help: A widely-used feature in ShadowProtect Server is VirtualBoot™ technology. VirtualBoot technology allows you to right click on any ShadowProtect backup image file and boot it into a virtual environment using Oracle’s VirtualBox technology.

To verify the integrity of your disaster recovery plan and ensure that all your systems and data are available in the event of a catastrophic failure, simply Virtualboot any ShadowProtect backup image. This ShadowProtect feature allows to  you to verify that your server backups are in a  good state should a disaster occur and you need to completely recover your server and data.  It only takes a few minutes to VirtualBoot a server, even a multi-terabyte volume, so you can perform this check quickly and easily.

When you want to test a new application, simply VirtualBoot a recent ShadowProtect backup image file and install the application on the VM, adding the application to the VM replica of your production environment.  This way you can test the new application without introducing them into your production server environment and without the need to shell out hundreds or thousands of pounds for a test lab.  You can know whether the new application works using the same data and environment conditions you have on your production server.

With the flexible packages on offer from 121 IT Services you can choose to have this as a stand alone service or as a part of our bespoke Managed IT Services Agreement.  For further information please give us a call on 0114 268 5121.

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