VoIP Telecommunications

With the ongoing adoption of VoIP and SIP trunks there is little doubt that it is the future of telephone communications. Some of the benefits include:

  • Scalability – SIP trunks provide increased channel capacity on demand without the high cost and lengthy lead times associated with installing new fixed lines
  • Cost – ISDN rentals cost more than SIP trunks
  • Business Continuity – SIP trunks allow for more flexibility when planning for DR scenarios with easy trunk registration and call forwarding options
  • Simple administration – suite of on-line tools for customers and channel partners making it easier to manage the service
  • Flexibility – No limitation to geographic area all that is required is a connection to the internet
  • Virtual Presence – customers can take UK and International virtual numbers from any area

With the flexible packages on offer from 121 IT Services you can choose to have this as a stand alone service or as a part of our bespoke Managed IT Services Agreement. For further information please give us a call on 0114 268 5121.

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